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SQ4 Cascade 2 Colour 1M TALL Chocolate Fountain - Special Gourmet International

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SQ4 Cascade 2 Colour 1M TALL Chocolate Fountain
Product Code: SQ4 Cascade 2 Colour Chocolate

Price per pack: 21500AED /-

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Production Kg / Hour :

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SQ4 Cascade 2 Colour 1M TALL Chocolate Fountain

 This unique Cascading Fountain, exclusive to JM Posner, helps you avoid having to make a choice between stylish presentation and a sense of variety. A standard chocolate fountain provides a glamorous centrepiece to a dessert table, but it also limits your clients to only one chocolate choice as a topping for the dipping items you've laid out.

Our 2 colour chocolate fountain allows you to add a bit more creativity to dessert by offering clients an opportunity to explore the contrasts and complementary flavours that really enhance the character of all food. Offer dark chocolate and milk chocolate at once, or milk chocolate and white chocolate. Or specially flavour or colour one alternative and leave the other for a more purist experience.

The double-fountain presentation is sure to be visually impressive, while also giving your clients more reason to talk about their full range of options as they experiment with different chocolate pairings for your carefully-chosen dippers.

This item encourages them to compare and contrast, and helps them to truly appreciate the quality of your catering.


Total height: 935mm 
Height of top section: 534mm 
Width of basin: 500mm 
Width of drum: 401mm 
Height of drum alone: 367mm 
Weight of machine: 29.5kg

Electrical: 110 / 230V | 60 / 50Hz | 500W

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