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Welcome To Special Gourmet - Wholesale chocolate,ice creams, pastry ingredients,ice cream fountain rental.

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Over the years, we have formed association with some of the leading food ingredients producing companies. All thanks to our association with them, we are able to bring forth specially prepared, high on nutrition Chocolate Couverture to our Customers. We can provide the Chocolate Couverture in variants such as Belgian Real Chocolate, Sugar Free Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate Compound etc. having cocoa and cocoa solids in different percentage. We can process bulk as well as small orders for Chocolate Couverture. Our capability to provide Chocolate Couverture in required quantity makes us a notable Food Ingredients Distributor. Also, we can cater to the requirements of buyers across the Middle East & African region with Private Labeling.


Milk Chocolate 37% cocoa

Price per pack: 360AED /-

Quantity : 10 Kg

Belgian Real Chocolate 59.9% Cocoa Solids

Price per pack: 360AED /-

Quantity : 10 kg

Belgian Real Chocolate 31.3% Cocoa Solids

Price per pack: 360AED /-

Quantity : 10 kg

Welcome to Special Gourmet International


Special Gourmet International Gen. Trd LLC is a professional distributor of Food Stuff and Hotel and Catering Kitchen Equipment for renowned European brands in the hospitality industry

We Provide Turn Key Solutions for:

  • Kitchen, Bakery, Stewarding, Pastry, Bar & Buffet Utensils
  • Preparation of Project Requirement Lists
  • Consultancy for New Projects and Refurbishments
  • Table Top Products: Flatware, Chinaware and Buffetware
  • Comprehensive Flatware, Hollowware and Cooking Utensils for Executive Apartments
  • Housekeeping Equipment
  • Complete Commercial Commercial Kitchen Solution for Hotels, Restaurants & Bars
  • Supply & Instalation of Production & Display Equipments  for Catering, Bakery & Sweets Business

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