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Product Code: GREENIS - FGR 8830 BLENDER

Price per pack: 1750AED /-

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Production Kg / Hour :

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Bluetooth Connectivity

Smartphone APP Control


Combining touch screen control with aluminum speed dial switch, Greenis FGR-8830 power blender delivers pleasure of both touch and mechanical operation. The XL touch screen contains text instructions to every button, allowing for easier operation. Six regular recipe programs are available for: Juice, Smoothie, Sauce, Hot Drinks, Grind, Ice Cubes. An creative DIY button offers availability of setting and recording your own recipe program, which will make a chef out of you! Pulse button comes with quick start, free blending and easy cleaning features. 1-30 minutes timer allows for walk-away convenience. 1-10 speed settings let you select any desired speed for specific cooking.

FGR-8830 power blender is teamed with smart microchip, allowing for more comprehensive control and stable operation.

FGR-8830 power blender features a commercial grade motor that is 3.7 peak horsepower with a rated power of 1400 watts. It creates up to 30,000RPM that makes any blending task a breeze. 
A purpose-built speed controller added to control panel makes whole blending process quieter and stabilize the speed which thus prolongs service life of the motor.

FGR-8830 blender features an all-powerful blade. The unique engineering allows it to both wet & dry ingredients, as well as whole fruits like a whole apple which is challenging for most other high end blenders. Its outstanding performance is result from the design, process as well as the material that is why we adopt SUS301 renowned for its unmatched hardness and durability. Teamed with these characters, this blade is able to handle any blending task from blending soft fruits to crushing ice and grinding beans.


FGR-8830 power blender is teamed with a 2L Tritan jar. Renowned for BPA-free feature, Tritan is also a super durable, tough and safe material. It’s the authorized material for baby feed containers. Compared to glass or other plastics, Tritan offers better resistance to impact. This is why Greenis chooses Tritan to build our jars. In the meanwhile, Greenis has been listed as the strategic partner by Eastman, the manufacturer of Tritan, for close cooperation. Engineering a jar for a power blender, not only the material needs to be taken into account but also the performance for blending. We carefully design the jar with unique-shaped sides in order to keep food in efficient vortex, which thus achieves through and efficient blending. 
The stainless steel base makes the jar more stable during processing, which helps to reduce friction between the wearing and drive, thus prolongs the service life of motor parts and avoid possibility of injuries from the serious shaking of jar. 
The handle of jar is designed in ergonomic structure and manufactured from good quality TPU material, allowing for comfortable holding and touching.











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