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Product Code: GREENIS - F-9088 JUICER

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 Slow juicer market has seen a dramatic rise throughout the past decades. However the current market is flooded with a number of slow juicers falling into various categories with diversified pricing and quality. So we have this challenge, how can we defy the convention and create something extraordinary? As one of the pioneers of slow juicing technology, we have been completely rethinking the inside and the outside, and the Greenis twin star slow juicer is what we present to you as the result of years’ R&D and practice in the market. It has double feed tubes that refines the way we prepare blended juice, smaller footprint for easier storage in modern kitchen, redesigned juicing mechanism for stable performance and a lot of more new features that aim to take slow juicer industry further ahead.

Nutrition and flavor are two things in our mind when we make juice. And it is becoming widely known that quality juices are made after being FULLY BLENDED rather than ROUGHLY MIXED. People normally juice more than one single kind of fruit or vegetable, they juice 2 or more in order to achieve results that suit their taste in the first place. But more importantly flavor and nutrient from different types of fruits or vegetables are supposed to be blended and mingled for maximum nutrition value. Meanwhile blended juice tend to be absorbed more effectively by human body. With Twin Star’s double feed tubes, juices are more blended than ever! In twin-star blending process all begins with the initial stage right at the point when you put kinds of produce down the two feed tubes simultaneously. The squeezing screw is masticating kinds of produce and creating a dense mixture. In the mean time with juice cap closed, the mixture of produce is compressed to the maximum extent in the confined space of juicing mechanism. This is where magic happens as nutrition and flavor from different ingredients are blended and mingled. To put it simply, the blending process goes on all the way through inside the juicing mechanism before juices are ejected fresh and nutritious! Double-feed-tube is practically an innovative and down-to-earth design.

It is not technically easy at all to shrink the size of a machine. The bulky size is due to bulky motor inside. Therefore reducing the size inevitably involves re-engineering the motor in the first place before we come to a solution of reducing the size of machine housing. The tricky challenge is, how can we reduce the size of AC motor that has been unchanged ever since slow juicers came into being? On the other hand, DC motor, notorious for its wimpy performance is out of the question. To strike a balance between performance and appearance, we eventually took the approach of re-engineering AC motor from scratch by introducing Planetary gear reducer after painstaking research & development. Unlike traditional gearbox that sits at the side of motor platform which accordingly makes AC motor bulky in size. Planetary gear reducer, on a technological level, uniquely offers the possibility of being seated right at the center of machine platform which accordingly brings motor size down considerably. So we have a compact juicer with smaller footprint. In the practical sense, twin star juicer is able to fit under or in the kitchen cabinet for carefree convenience. In other words, twin star sports still powerful performance but with a more compact shape to fit modern kitchens.

Engineering a juicer from stage of technical drawing is simple. When it comes to the stage of experimenting it in real world testing, problems that was never expected often arise. Stability of juicing bowl is such a thing. To ensure absolute stability of juicing bowl goes to the very core of what we call concentricity determined by a vertical line is formed for all rotating parts involved in this drive system. Any part that exceeds tolerance error may lead to failure of rotation of drive system. That however requires all parts are uniform precisely in shape right from when they are molded in the injection molding machine. On top of that, we creatively redesigned the platform of motor base, 4 slots engaged with juicing bowls as firmly as bolt-nut structure delivers an absolute juicing bowl without any shaking during operation.

Squeezing screws and strainers must be robustly engineered to withstand brute force especially grinding tough stems and seedy produce. Ultem PEI is a type of resin renowned for its extreme hardness and wear-resistance. It is 8 times harder than the counterparts used on other single-auger juicers. So it is perfect to be built as squeezing screw and strainers.

Triple strainers come in handy. You can effortlessly adjust pulp amount in the juice. Fine strainer for pure juice, coarse for pulpy juice. With blank strainer, twin star is more versatile. Nut butter, ice cream can be easily made with twin star.

Safe in the first place when we were selecting plastic materials. So we use Tritan materials. Produced by Eastman in USA and renowned for its BPA-free feature, Tritan material has become an industry standard as a healthy and non-toxic icon.

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